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Our association with BlackBerry (Please note the capital Bs) started in 2008. Working with the Carrier Marketing team mainly Vodafone, our scope of work was to support the team in creating communication to aid recall at the carrier store level. In time we were creating communication for the multi-brand outlets. We assist the team with numerous below-the-line campaigns and extensions of the famous BlackBerry Boys campaign and many more.

Things change! BlackBerry launches the Curve 8520! Collateral creates this national advertising campaign targeted to the youth. This is followed by successful launches of the Bold, Pearl and Torch.
Time passes, 5 years since 2008!
Today, Collateral supports the brand not only in their retail forays but also has been invited to support at a global level, 21 markets of the APAC region!
It is our never say no and don’t agree on everything attitude that maybe, just maybe, has been appreciated…
BlackBerry the brand that pioneered words and concepts such as smartphone, push mail, BBM for other to follow.

Let's create a story together!


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