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With the increase in the number of Dealerships in India, Volkswagen felt the need to have an agency on record to cater to all Dealer communication needs… and Collateral was appointed as the Dealer Support Centre.

Cut to 2013… no. of dealers 126 and on the increase. We have the unique role to provide all advertising needs to dealers across the country. In time we have become the single point of contact for them. Initially it was all about guidelines and deadlines!

To support the dealers better, we have created a Modular Advertising Kit, an internet based customized solution which allow the dealers to choose and create the ad they want to advertise! Creating festival ads was a first in the world of Volkswagen, again a Collateral initiative.

Today, we support CRM and After Sales in creating campaigns to generate footfalls at dealerships and keep the brand top-of-mind.

Working closely with the Dealer Marketing team there are many initiatives in the pipeline to ensure that Europe’s No. 1 car maker also becomes India’s No. 1 automotive company.

Collateral also has been part of the new business vertical, namely, Das WeltAuto, the pre-owned car business.

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