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Elevated Leisure Meets Elevated Story Telling.
It is a pleasure to be associated with one of the leading players in the real estate industry. We, at Collateral are proud to have Oberoi Reality on board as one of our clients. Such an exemplary player in the real estate industry deserves nothing less than extraordinary work. Something we always try to deliver.

The brief was to create awareness about ' Priviera ', Oberoi Reality's latest top of the line apartment complex which is ready for possession. Priviera is not just another high rise luxury apartment. It is equipped with a terrace gym, an infinity pool that overlooks the Arabian Sea and flats that will be designed as per your dreams. In short, it is the ultimate luxury apartment complex. What's more is that, Oberoi is about more than just building apartments, they are about building an environment. Where they go, an environment is sure to follow. So, when they came to us, we knew we had to deliver more than just a communication; we had to deliver a complete experience.

So when the task of reaching out to the right target audience and instilling a sense of belonging and wanting within them was handed to us.

We stepped up to the challenge.

The art and copy team got to work immediately. They came up with an EDM that would appeal to the target audience and draw them in with a call to action. The EDM conveyed the message accurately and was a perfect match to the opulence of Oberoi Reality. We also designed wallpaper that will be used in the office space of 'Priviera'. This wallpaper is the first thing a potential customer will see in the Priviera office. The wallpaper thus had to be both persuasive as well a perfect match to the persona of Oberoi Reality.A combination that we got just right.
The team really nailed this one and we are looking forward to more briefs from the Oberoi group.

Taking our story telling to new heights, because the sky is the limit, right?

Let's create a story together!


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