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Good work gets noticed. And references can come in from any unexpected source. This is true in Collateral’s case.

But before we start let’s set the context in place. All through the fifteen years Collateral has been associated with a number of MNCs and continues to do so. But one thing was common depending on the number of brands under their umbrella, the MNCs have two or more agencies to take care of these brands. Collateral has been lucky to be always pitted against the top five agencies in the country and manage to make inroads.

Now, coming to the unexpected reference story. Collateral, the agency on record for the Volkswagen Group cars used to support the brand teams for all their campaigns. Over the years, due to the comfort levels and the turnaround time, Collateral was always given a parallel brief on any brand campaign. More often than not Collateral delivered. This certainly didn’t go unnoticed... some good samaritan from the ‘other’ agency notice and remembered.

Listen I have nothing in this, but you may want to meet these guys, I have seen your work and liked what I saw at Volkswagen.

A few calls later, an appointment is fixed. The credentials presentation is shared, followed by a bit of a wait and come October 2016 Collateral is signed on with India Bulls Home Loans!

Currently, Collateral is busy designing, concepts for contest, POS, mailers, creative for construction site, Posts, topical GIFs, etc.

Their tag line, ‘Shaher mein apna ghar ho to shaher bhi apna lagta hai...’ in our case can be tweaked to ‘Shaher mein koi apna ho to shaher bhi apna lagta hai’.

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