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We often find ourselves looking for the age-old jingles from TVCs and radio ads, like ‘Vicco Turmeric’, ‘Ujala’, ‘Nima Rose’, ‘Asian Paints’ or ‘Nirma’. Even though we don’t use these products, it’s the songs and stories that keep us hooked to these ads, bringing back the times when there was no ‘skip ad’ option.

Even today, brands strive hard to strike a chord with the consumers, but can’t find the right ways to communicate with the target audience on the plethora of platforms that technology offers. This is where creative agencies in India come into play. How? Let’s delve into that:

Finding the Right Stories: A creative agency helps you find the right way to capture the hearts of your consumers, with ideas that go beyond being just a TV or a print advertisement. The creative ad agencies in India thrive on communication. They focus on enabling your customer to interact with you – through various social media tools like Instagram polls or Twitter Questions.

Outsourcing Creativity: Hiring a creative agency allows you to focus on the sales, as a team of expert professionals do the work of jazzing up your brand for you! After a point, it becomes difficult for your in-house marketing team to come up with new ideas. Which is where a creative agency steps in. The agency brings in a fresh perspective and an abundance of unique ideas. Several digital media agencies or digital marketing firms in Mumbai find ways to weave your brand into relatable stories that help you connect with the consumers.

Longer and Health Investment Option for Start-Ups: Joining hands with a creative agency can be a healthy investment, even for a start-up that is hesitant of spending ‘too-much’ on promotions, right from the start. Creative agencies in India offer logo and web design to help you start off with a brilliant and user-friendly website. With extensive knowledge in a variety of brands and a good-enough knowledge of their style of communication, the creative agency can map out a marketing plan that stands out and helps you grow!

Creative agencies don’t just make you look good to your customers, but have your back in the digital world. They also provide creative content and comprehensive marketing strategies that can turn you into a force to be reckoned with.

At Collateral, a digital agency in Mumbai, we believe in creating stories that last forever. We are a team of professionals who don’t just create brand strategies or digital campaigns, we are the ones who plan the best strategies for your organization, find the best designs that suit you and your customers and we create campaigns that become more than just ads and posts, but memories. We strive hard to promote you and help you grow. Find out more about us and our stories at www.collateral.in



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