Social media has evolved into a platform that connect people across the globe. Not just people, in case of brands, it has helped them create a global presence and brought them closer to their consumers. Many brands across India are popular for their social media presence. But is the presence enough? How do you become a popular brand, or a people’s brand on social media? Read on.

Choose your Consumer Base

Social media is the most convenient and accessible networking platforms. In order to make your brand stand out, it is imperative to know who buys your products. Once you know you who your consumers are, it becomes easy to create content specific to their preferences and interests. A creative branding agency will also use social media analytics to understand the consumers’ social media behavior and help you create content.

Brand marketing agencies in India create and design content according to your consumer’s preference, because it not only helps the brand reach out to their target audience, but also helps in ensuring brand loyalty.

Understand How Social Media Works

To become a pro on social media, one needs to understand the platforms well enough to create content that is on par with the platforms’ niche audience.

Facebook or LinkedIn are the best platforms for long-form written content. Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube are more popular for the visually inclined, for example, pictures, videos, or even LIVE streams. Twitter is used for short form written content. Till date, Facebook and Twitter have been the most common platform for consumers to reach out to the brands, with Instagram not too far behind.

Many brands leverage the reach social media influencers have, to push forward their products. It helps brands create a personable connect with new consumers, as influencers are more relatable than other celebrities. They make brands look accessible to consumers.

Set Targets or Smart Goals

Almost every brand, new or old, start-up or established, is present on social media, as they all strive to achieve more than just popularity. It is important to be clear about one’s goals, it could be as simple as creative awareness, increase the brand’s follower count or generate leads and sales.

Setting goals helps in guiding creative agencies to work according to the targets and schedules, ensuring that there is enough interaction on the brand’s social media pages.

Be Regular with Content and Interaction

Brands need to post and update on their social media handles regularly. It is ideal to create a content calendar to ensure the content is always ready-to-go. Talking about current & hot topics gets more engagement. Similarly, brand interaction or replies to consumer comments or queries helps build a positive brand image in the minds of consumers.

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