The Evolution of Advertising Agencies - From Print to Internet Banner

As times have evolved, so have the advertising platforms, and that has given rise to new levels of creativity, be it copy or visuals. The language that started to trend among the audience became witty, quirky and smart. As the demands evolved, so did the need for advertising agencies to do more than make just a simple ad. In today’s times advertising is an art and a science. One needs to not only master the science of data, analytics and consumer mindsets, but also craft communication that is unique and creative. Here are the three main pillars that have changed the way we advertise today.


Back Then

Originally, bona fide advertising agencies consisted of very few enthusiasts who sat and ideated together. Each employee would take up an array of responsibilities such as planning, designing, writing and coordinating. The job roles weren’t well defined, which means everyone had to do everything without expertise in it. Stalwarts like Piyush Pandey would help crack a copy, although he started off as an account director. The workload was less, the platforms were limited and the audience didn’t have a concrete two-way communication portal to convey their feedback.


Cut to the present time, we have various types of advertising agencies such as full-service, in-house, creative, media-planning, digital and many more, which offer specialised services to its clients. With the help of technology, we can now target and understand our customers via multiple online and offline touchpoints, to generate promising results by formulating the perfect mix. Although the team size has increased, the workload has skyrocketed. It demands more expertise, longer working hours, promptness of ideas and action with a two-communication setup.   


Back Then

If you try to search for print ads in the early times, they followed a peculiar visual and copy format. Often loaded with text and bold visuals, they left a mark on the audience. Advertising was clearly manipulative and at times offensive, too. It banked on hard selling by targeting the insecurities of the audience. One thing that didn’t change with time, is the creativity and research put into making every ad and to understand their target audience thoroughly. 


We live with the motto - Less is more. Putting in extra man hours, thought and research behind every communication, we craft minimal yet appealing copies, less cluttered creatives that are easy to skim through and process. Add convenient call to actions in the mix, and customers feed us with instant reverts, feedback and reviews. Every campaign now is meticulously set on a specific need like creating awareness, generating leads, pushing sales with BOGO deals, clearing stock, garnering footfall and a whole lot more.


Back Then

We had to patiently wait to see if a print ad worked for us. There was no room for mistakes and errors, because once printed and circulated, one could only send out an apology. It was a longer, tedious and time-consuming process.


We track every single customer, competitor, trend, etc. with measurement tools available to us. It has become less time consuming, as we get simple, quick, real-time and accurate generation as well as inferences of data. Every person who interacts with our communication can instantly share their feedback which can make or break our efforts.

The key factor that has led to this advertising evolution is the audience. The increase in knowledge, demands, purchasing power and endless list of options to choose from, will always require us to upgrade ourselves constantly. The ideal advertising agency you pick, must be a mix of senior experienced employees who know the age-old rules and a bunch of young creative minds who can play within the boundaries set by them. We at Collateral, have an 18-year-old legacy of unmatched creativity with reputed brands that can vouch for us. If you intend to up your game and to stay in trend, reach out us at


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