Let’s start with a myth buster which states start-ups do not have good budgets to dedicate for marketing and advertising, whereas big brands have plenty to spare. That’s not true. While the profits of a startup distinctly vary from an established brand in the market, it makes it all the more important for relatively new brands to put in that extra effort and money to gain desired results. Established brands on the other hand have a larger workforce and liabilities to cater. The cycle of growth inevitably starts from the introduction stage, and goes on to the growth and maturity stage. However, the decline of these brands depends on the decisions they take throughout the process.

Here are four pillars that reason out why startups must pay their marketing agency more than established brands, especially in the initial stages of their graph.

To Build A Strong Foundation

A startup in today’s times competes with thousands of established competitors who revolve around similar offerings. Thus, investing in a good agency builds a strong foundation backed by experts. Pick an agency that understands your company and its goals. Working together as a team will help you craft the perfect communication, tone and brand image that will ultimately bring you the desired brand value and market share over time.

To Create Awareness

Now, that you have a strong foundation and a clear vision trail to follow, it's time to effectively communicate and offer deals that one just can’t refuse. A good agency will help you devise a short term and long-term plan with measurable results and parameters to create awareness as well as generate sales. The key here is patience and expertise.

To Cater to Your Demands

Be it an MNC like McDonald’s or a Jumbo King, every brand has a strong set of ethics and goals set within their teams. Startups are equally, rather more demanding than established brands as they are unaware of the market, have too much on their plate to manage and are often confused with the ever-changing trends. Give your agency the creative and financial liberty to help you build that big picture you have in your mind. With constant feedback and meetings, fix the small pieces of the puzzle, and it will soon bring to light how each step and activity was designed for growth. 

To Help You Focus on Your Business

Lastly, startups are relatively new not only in the market but also on a company status. One needs to manage new employees, budgets, sales, stock, online and offline communication and a whole more often under a lot of stress. The right agency will make half the job effortless for you without your realisation, so you can put all your focus into practical sales, while they create a brand that people resonate with for life.

We believe that picking a good and established marketing agency for startups is an investment worth making, as it will set the future of your company, and ensure growth in the long-run. Collateral as an agency is known in the industry for its strong ethics and never-ending success stories, narrated by established brands which were once startups themselves. Reach out to us at to invest in a promising future and kickstart your company.



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