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Ever wondered how you could recognise your friend in a crowd of billion people? The most common way would be via their name, face, connection with you or maybe just their welcoming smile. Personifying a brand under similar characteristics, Branding helps customers connect to its values, ideals and personality. It links an emotion that goes beyond a product and transitions your commodity into a brand. Now, that we know the importance of branding, the next step is to convert our brand into an identity that resonates with our audience in the digital era.

There are more than 500,000 brands worldwide in over 2,000 product categories. While making your brand stand out from the crowd may seem difficult, digital media is the answer for this herculean task. With measurable insights and detailed targeting, the world of digital media helps leverage your brand in more ways than one.

We have listed down 4 smooth transitions towards building a brand backed with a digital plan of action for the same.

Product To Visual Identity

A product could be any other commodity, as basic as a bar of soap. Now, a customer needs a commodity but is always in search of a higher want or desire of features and details of the commodity they buy. Hence, we package our product with a set of visual identities that define us – the name, tagline, jingle, brand colors, packaging, etc. These should be in-line with one another. While all these aspects are a little tough for customers to identify during the final purchase of the product, digital media can be utilised well to create a base work. A repetitive hit on the logo, the thought behind it, the brand’s ideology, colors and so on, can help build brand recognition and recall.

Visual Identity To Differentiation

Once the customers are able to recognise your brand, it’s time to give them reasons why your brand is the one they should pick amongst the endless list of competitors. Customers nowadays are loaded with information and clutter, but quality content is the key. Make sure your social media handles emphasise the benefits and unique selling proposition (USP) of your product. While the benefits could range from quality, quantity, purity and other offers that tag along, the USP would be that one thing that defines your brand and helps them differentiate from the rest, and thus, increases the chances of the customer to pick your brand off the shelf.

Differentiation To Positioning

Although Differentiation helps customers recognise a brand over others using a few tangible benefits, these can be picked up and imitated by any other brands, leading to a chance for them to leave our side. To make this connect stronger, it’s important to position a brand in the minds of the customers by targeting a psychological deficit. With a little market research, you can conduct mind mapping for other brands in the same category and pick your deficit accordingly. Take the findings as core messaging on social media platforms and make campaigns on those lines. That would customers resonate with the brand and cater to that one need they’ve been looking to satisfy. In simpler terms provide a solution to their problem.

Positioning To Core Values

Almost 89% of shoppers stay loyal to brands that share their values. Be it times of crisis, or words of wisdom through your content, brands must stand true to their core values and voice it through their words and actions. This helps make a brand more human with emotions of empathy and a sense of responsibility towards the nation.

Branding is a continuous process that requires constant validation and updates for customers. With new brands emerging every minute, it is important to declutter the minds of potential customers and earn their loyalty. And what better way than digital media to connect with them, in the space they spend most of their time. With years of experience branding and consumer psyche, we at Collateral, are known to build brands that are remembered for good. Contact us at collateral.co.in to create a brand loved by people, one that would be recognised, even among billions.


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