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While we all know the pandemic has flipped the lives of individuals, brands and businesses alike, it’s time for brands to buckle up for the future with a plan of action inclusive of it. That brings us to the question, how does one adapt to the New Normal and work towards an upward graph?

The changing times has brought about a change in consumer lifestyle, sentiments and needs. Hence, it’s necessary for brands to devise marketing strategies in accordance with these new consumer behaviours and trends. Businesses need to identify this shift, mitigate risks and deliver a balance of EQ and IQ in the most effective way in order to hold relevance among customers. As quoted by Al & Laura Ries in the book, The Origin of Brands, “The primary objective of a branding program is never the market for the product or service. The primary objective of a branding program is always the mind of the prospect. The mind comes first; the market follows where the mind leads.”

It’s time to convert the temporary changes undertaken by brands into permanent strategies for the New Normal. Here are best practices and strategies we suggest to help grow your brand.

Be Transparent

Now more than ever, customers need you to navigate and pivot them through this change with a sense of responsibility and security along with employees. Be honest in your approach but make sure you are reassuring them towards a unified approach of fighting the battle together. Transparency at such a phase is appreciated and supported by consumers as well as those associated with the brand.

Empathy is a Necessity

Empathy is the most critical aspect to help build brands that are personable in their approach towards customers. An ethereal tone in your communication with customers, would help bring a connect that would eventually arouse brand love and spokespersons you can bank on.

Refresh your Sales Experience

With a drop in physical touchpoints, you can make the best of digital and social media platforms to start an insightful conversation with your prospects. Understand their behaviour better with frequent market research along with an evident effort for feedback to enhance sales and customer experience. Adopt inclusive platforms such as AR and VR to elevate experiential communication in the digital world.

Flaunt your Values

Tough times call for brands to bring their company values in the limelight. These values should be visible through every action and interaction, be it with customers, employees or the community at large. These acts of kindness and generosity would be remembered for good and will help strengthen your bond with customers, giving them a feel-good factor for their association with your brand.

Understand your Prospects

Brands can upgrade their communication with the right message, at the right time, when they understand its consumers and their needs better. Good market research as well as an in-depth study of trends at frequent intervals, would help brands analyse the constantly changing market and behaviours.

Refresh, Renew and Revive to build a brand that leaves an impact…

The opportunities are endless to connect with your customers but it’s the right approach at the right time that does the trick to make your commodity or service become a brand. If all of it seems too overwhelming, a little expert assistance can help boost your brand in the new normal. Contact us at and let us help you scale an upward graph to become a brand that is the talk of the town among customers.


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