The Art of promoting your Brand through SM Marketing Banner

Social media has gone from ‘new idea’ that could be used ‘to reach out to people’ to an absolute necessity for brands in the past few years. Social media marketing has become one of the most crucial marketing channels for brands and organizations to communicate and network with their audiences on a regular basis.

Through social media, brands can now establish a direct connection with its customers through specifically targeted and user-oriented communications. However, social media brand consistency is often a tough nut to crack for brands and organizations. Here are five tips you could use in your brand’s social media journey that could help you go a long way in creating and maintaining a successful social media marketing strategy for your brand:

Communicate who you are.

Letting the audience know who you are, what you stand for and the elements that define you, is an important step that enables brand recall and recognition. By establishing a distinct logo, a certain colour scheme to posts, well-written content and other necessary information, you can help audiences recollect and remember your brand through these seemingly insignificant looking yet absolutely crucial tools.

Ensure a multi-platform presence.

There is an abundance of social media sites available today you could use to share your content. From the ever-increasing list of social media sites, choose the platforms that best suit your brand and target audience. Conduct research to understand what sites your TG probably use the most and then establish your presence on those sites.

Create regular and engaging content.

Key to successful social media presence for brands is the way and manner in which they communicate with and to their audiences. Therefore establishing a well-defined and understood brand tone and voice enables effective branding of social media posts. Furthermore, maintaining a content calendar enables you to plan and be ready with regular content for the days/months to come. Your content should also possess an ability to put before the audiences a convincing reason to follow you. Some ways to do it would be to create posts and campaigns that generate curiosity about your products or service, come out with offers and interesting giveaways or run a contest. Don’t be afraid to use visual content, in fact make the most of it.

Take advantage of tactical content.

Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and recently even YouTube have come up with options for brands to roll out content that is displayed only for a short period of time, usually 24 hours. Understanding the difference between posting regularly and spamming audiences is very crucial. Posting transient content enables brands to communicate and promote their services regularly without cluttering the feed of audiences with too much content. This is an extremely useful content pushing strategy when you want to communicate several things or post several times a day, but want to avoid spamming your followers.

Always measure your efforts.

While your aim is to increase brand awareness across the various social media platforms you are on, you also have to keep an eye on the effectiveness of the content you post and campaigns you undertake. You can use various methods to do this. Pay close attention to engagement on your posts, the amount of times it has been shared and commented on, it will help you understand the effectiveness and performance of your posts. In order to understand how your audiences perceive you as a brand, you could conduct surveys to understand levels of brand recognition. Furthermore, while you continuously measure your brand’s effectiveness, you must also remember that building brand recognition takes times and consistency. Therefore patience is key in social media branding.

The benefits of social media marketing in today’s times are many, as the world is moving towards a revolutionary digital transformation. Social media therefore, should be looked at by brands as a major channel to communicate with audiences and customers. However, brands should also be mindful of the way they communicate to the audiences.

To consistently share compelling content and leverage the true power of social media, you need a creative advertising agency who can help you create effective social media marketing campaigns that aid in converting and retaining clients. Connect with us at and let us help you on your social media journey with relevant and engaging campaigns to mark all the checkboxes in your social media marketing goals.


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