5 Trends of Creative Brand Advertising Banner

In this ever-changing world, what is relevant today, might not be relevant tomorrow. Marketers therefore have to constantly put on their thinking hats in order to create campaigns that are both refreshing and engaging. While the world of advertising and marketing has seen many changes over the years, the purpose of campaigns still remain the same, i.e. informing, engaging and compelling the audience. With changing consumer behaviour, preferences and opinions however, brands and organizations have to be constantly aware of the tips and trends that are interesting to audiences, find new and captivating ways to engage with them and enable compelling channels of communication. 

To help with that, here are 5 trends of Creative Brand Advertising that marketers, brands and organizations could keep an eye on:

Artificial Intelligence

In the past, the idea of implementing Artificial Intelligence to any aspect of life would seem like an ambitious reach to the borderline of the impossible. But today, AI promises to be at the heart of global business and industries. AI in advertising and marketing could help organizations scale in advertising data and predict changes that could help build successful campaigns, in a matter of seconds. Pinpoint audience targeting, ad creation, performance and spend optimization, these are just some of the tasks AI could perform for your future advertising and marketing campaigns, making it one of the most important trends to look at right now!

Virtual Reality

If there is any innovation of technology that could compete with AI in the world today, it would be the rise of Virtual Reality (VR). Virtual Reality allows brands and organizations to create a virtual environment, using software to create real images that could be perceived by audiences, wherever they are. The feeling of ‘being in the midst of’ and not just a spectator, makes VR that much more compelling and effective. Through VR, brands and organizations could create advertising and marketing campaigns that could enable audiences to be an active, immersed part of the campaign itself. Thus enabling the creation of something they will remember forever.

Mobile-first Advertising

With consumers giving up on big and bulky systems in order to switch to more compact and convenient devices to work, read the news, shop and enjoy entertainment, forward-thinking brands have worked to make their advertising and marketing campaigns mobile-friendly. In addition to the way audiences have started consuming content, mobile phones have also started to influence the way advertising and marketing campaigns are being changed. Creating a user-intuitive experience on mobiles during a time when more and more consumers are switching to mobile phones as their primary means of connecting to the world, is a step in the right direction that organizations and brands can take to target audience and create captivating campaigns.


Geo-tagging is one of the most recent trends that brands and organizations could venture into to establish their visibility on Social Media. Geo-tagging is the process of adding a location to your post, story or status updates to make your brand and organization more virtually present. Geo-tagging could be a good way to let your audiences and customers know where you are, and also attract new audiences through location based tagging. Enabling geo-tagging could also be a way of free publicity as consumers could upload stories, status and other information about your brand or organization. In recent times, geo-tagging has also proved to be a method to garner high engagement, which could go a long way to reaching your campaign to a wider audience.


Brands and organizations that manage to tell a story that resonates with the audiences’ feelings, creates a lasting and effective impact. The use of storytelling in advertising and marketing campaigns have helped many brands and organizations create campaigns that have been etched into the minds of the audiences. Speaking to consumers through a story, not only enables the establishing of personal connect, but also provides new ways to capture the imagination and communicate important brand or product characteristics. Hence, advertising and marketing campaigns that tell a story, often have wider appreciation and long-lasting impressions in the minds of audiences.

Every brand and organization needs to stay up-to-date with the trends that will aid them to communicate their message, and create new and effective brand campaigns in this fast-paced world. To help do just that, contact us at collateral.co.in and embark on a new journey for your brand, of creating riveting and enthralling advertising and marketing campaigns.


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