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Contemplating on the changes we have had to go through in the past few months, ever since the pandemic began, we’ve come to realize how our world and the way we do things has changed. Drastic and probably long-lasting changes have been introduced in our lives, something which most of us are still trying to get accustomed to. It is safe to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to rethink everything we do. In a similar way, as this crisis has had a transforming impact on our livelihood, it has also impacted businesses and organizations all over the world.

A business or an organization, irrespective of its size, reach and presence, has had to make several changes in the way it functions and operates. Similarly, they have also been forced to rethink ways in which they communicate with audiences. Branding companies in India and advertising firms have had to find new avenues of reaching to a widely confined and distributed audience through virtual channels like the Internet and Social Media. Tools like digital marketing, email marketing, advertisements and campaigns on Social Media seem to be the path to take in these uncertain times.

While doing this though, brands and organizations have to be aware of certain factors as they communicate through new emerging channels. They also have to keep in mind certain things happening in their surroundings and in the environment which the consumers live in. Framing compelling and interesting marketing and advertising strategies will have to undergo a thorough research of the ‘new normal’ that we are in. Some of the following tips, might help brands and organizations communicate right in these crucial times:

Know the context.

In spite of the global effect of the pandemic, while creating campaigns, keeping in mind the effect on consumers at the local level is very crucial. The pandemic has impacted the world in all its corners, but in different ways. As a result, while branding and creating advertising or marketing campaigns, research and knowledge on local happenings is very important.

A campaign that resonates with what a consumer feels or sees around them will create a better, long lasting impact on their minds. Understanding the local specificities could help create captivating and effective campaigns.

Be prepared for rapid change.

These are the times of uneasiness and uncertainty. Changes could occur in an instant or take a long time. Brands should keep in mind the uncertainty factor that exists in the world today. As we go through a global pandemic that we have never seen or experienced before, the question of what comes next, continues to remain unanswered.

Brands and organizations should therefore be prepared for any kind of change or new outcomes in this unpredictable world. They should have the capability to adjust to existing situations and be able to craft communications accordingly.

New creativity and innovations.

What was relevant two weeks ago, might not be relevant anymore. That’s the pace at which we have continued to live in the past decade or so. As the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a sense of stagnancy and slowed down global markets and economies, brands and organizations, in order to survive must look at new and unexplored models of communications, marketing and advertising.

The boom in the consumption of media, due to the confinements and lockdowns should be capitalized and brands should focus on making the best use of this route. Marketing online promises to be an exciting avenue for brands and organizations to venture in and reach to a large audience with their products and services.

Consumer priorities and behaviour.

Campaigns and advertising strategies were always used to shape consumer behaviour and priorities. But with the world suffering from the pandemic, brands and organizations will not be able to exercise this too effectively anymore. The pandemic has brought a new set of worries and fears for the consumers and therefore, brands will now have to find ways to make campaigns and advertisements heard in these trying circumstances. A firm knowledge of what people are going through and show of solidarity and support by brands through their communications could help create a lasting impact on the minds of the consumers.

Offer a helping hand.

Brands and organizations that curate communications in a way that offers help to possibly afflicted and worried consumer-base could help engage them in an uncertain time. For example, brands could give out gift cards and discount vouchers to front-line workers in healthcare, police and voluntary organizations. This could result in customer goodwill and loyalty.

Another way that brands and organizations could carry out promotions could be through cause-related marketing and charitable sales promotion. Empathetic and considerate initiatives like these could enable brands to align their products and services with social practices to assist victims of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a time that is uncertain, to help you in crafting impactful and lasting campaigns and advertisements, you will need the help of a creative ad agency who can help you be heard, no matter what the circumstances. Contact us at and let us help you create sensible, innovative and insightful marketing and advertising strategies to reach audiences and consumers, no matter where they are.


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