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With millions confined to their homes, and travel brought to a standstill, healthcare organizations overwhelmed, the world is staring at a future that is very unsure. As cases continue to surge in countries, all sectors and walks of life have taken a hit in some way or the other.

The way forward may seem very unclear for a number of businesses and their executives. There are many questions and choices that businesses have had to make since the beginning of the pandemic. One such challenge faced was in communication. How do businesses and executives find effective ways and means of communication with consumers, employees and the masses in these unforeseen times?

The busy pace of life, the fast track communication, the uninterrupted dissemination of information have all taken a hit and organizations and agencies are trying to find new and effective means of reaching their target audience.

It is important therefore, that marketing and communications executives keep in mind certain things as they reach out the masses. Let us look at some of the aspects in times as unprecedented as these.

Content, context and tone is key.

Effective communication that focuses on health, well-being, safety, and togetherness is the need of the hour. Brands should keep in mind these important aspects while curating content for audiences during a time like this. Businesses and organizations should keep away from content that might cause disharmony, discord or create fear among the masses. Clear, concise and fact-driven communication is the prime approach that should be taken. Responsible communication is key both now and in the future.

Understanding your ultimate goal.

While you look to create a lasting impact on the minds and choices of consumers through the communications you send out, marketing or selling products and services should, for some time, take a back seat while you focus on an ideal way to present to consumers the values and elements that will reinforce your organization. Being empathetic in these times may go a long way in aiding to the benefits of effective communication in the pandemic.

The importance of Social Media.

One channel which is seeing a booming growth during the pandemic is Social Media. With people confined to their houses, Social Media has turned out to be the only way to be ‘social’. As a result, the use of Social Media has expectedly increased due to easy internet access and lockdown barriers. Organizations and businesses should look to make the best of use of Social Media to effectively and creatively communicate by creating content specific to their target audiences.

Educate your audience.

Give up on the business-as-usual type of marketing and communications and try to find a link between your product or service and educating the consumers. Building and retaining trust with your audience should be the ultimate goal and you could do that through simple and informative content creation that will have a lasting impact on audiences through these tough times.

Listen to your audience.

Often marketing and communication becomes a practice of brands and organizations speaking to the consumers and the target audiences. But just as the world has been turned upside down by the pandemic, it is key to also take the role of listening to your audiences, which will help you understand what your audiences actually need and require. Listening during these times is not only going to be essential but also might prove to be one of the most effective tools in spreading your message far and wide. So, listen to what customers and consumers are saying they need, rather than telling them. Be responsive, honest, supportive and reassuring in your communication.

These are tricky and uncertain times that we now face. Marketing spending may be taking a hit due to financial instability. However, businesses that want to remain active and present in the mind of the consumers, even in these tough times need to think now, more than ever, in an innovative and creative way. To help you reach your target audiences, add value to their lives and to your brand, even in these times, contact us at


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