Why You Should Believe in the Power of Print Advertising Banner

Since the dawn of the digital age, advertising has grown leaps and bounds. Most consumers switch to their phones, tablets and laptops to research and make purchases. While the advertising industry has primarily moved online, companies and brands still invest in Print advertising, purely because of these reasons:

Print has a long life

Print has an edge over digital because of one simple fact: its staying power. An advertisement printed in a newspaper or a magazine will stay alive for as long as the reader possesses the publication. While print ads may not elicit a potentially quick response as compared to digital marketing, it makes up for it in longevity. Print readers are likely to keep stacks of newspapers or magazines at home for a longer period of time, whereas a consumer won’t save the ad they see online. Even though it is easy to share an online ad at the click of a button, most advertisers nowadays keep their ads succinct and short to cater to their consumers’ short attention span. This makes a newspaper ad memorable as compared to the digital medium.

Longer Attention Span

As mentioned earlier, the human attention span has almost diminished. A normal consumer will surf the web on five different tabs on their laptop, while they’re messaging someone on their phone, with the TV in the background. On the other hand, print readers and consumers don’t typically multitask when they read a magazine or a newspaper, making them far more receptive to ads within the publication.


Believe it or not, in a sense, print ads allow you to target your audience. You can select which section of the newspaper or magazine your audience is most likely to read. Print ad campaigns also let you choose which specialty magazines or newspapers you want to run your ads in, to reach specific geographic location in your area. Print also allows you to tailor your campaigns to fit your budget by offering different sizes like quarter-page, half-page or full-page ads. Also, advertising in print publications is way better relying on an online algorithm to decide where your ads should live.


Consumers today don’t engage much with online content. They become impatient when shopping or surfing the web. A digital consumer does not have time to stop and read an ad, a blog or an article, so they just skim and move on to the next. Print is effective in this regard because people slow down when they have a magazine or a newspaper in their hand. They not only read the news or articles but also read the ads as well. Print medium not only entice the consumer but also demand their complete attention.

If you haven’t been incorporating print into your marketing mix, it’s most likely because you had no idea of its effectiveness. But now that you do, get in touch with us at www.collateral.co.in and let us show you the power of print advertising!


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