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It’s an on-going debate when it comes to Topical Content v/s Evergreen Content, as both have plenty of benefits when it comes to social media marketing. But before we dive deep into the debate, let’s understand the difference between these two types of content and why it matters so much.

What is Topical Content?

Topical content is something related to current developments in the world. It’s the content a consumer sees getting shared on social media for a few days, until there’s something new to be shared. It is usually advanced, up-to-date, and relevant for customers that are fairly experienced with a brand. While topical content does give marketers instant exposure, a user reading it a few months down the line may find the content irrelevant or meaningless.

Topical Content = Instant Success

Take a look at the recent social media posts on Facebook and Instagram, and you’ll see that it is instantly as popular as something that has been around for weeks. That is the main benefit of topical content as marketers across India love this type of content because of this. But still, evergreen content is something that every marketer prefers, because they know it’s going to be of value to readers in the future, if not immediately.

Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is a piece of content that drives traffic to your website quite consistently. It is much more informative and beneficial to a consumer as compared to topical content. An evergreen content piece will provide long-term benefits as it gathers backlinks over time. It helps websites rank well on search engines. Such type of content also gets a high number of shares because it includes both long-term and instant shares.

Evergreen Content = Long Shelf-life

Social media content is not something that is going to be seen daily, but rather it is the content posted on blogs and websites that is crucial in the long-run. Evergreen content usually ends up getting shared a few months down the line on social media platforms as most consumers don’t necessary want to read topical posts about something that happened years ago. But the same consumers wouldn’t mind reading something that is informative years down the line. One of the most important advantages of evergreen content is that it is not only seen by people months later, but it is also relevant to new people, thus generating new shares and ultimately reaching more people.

In summary, social media profiles can be marketed by using either of the content types and you’ll still end up producing the same results. To create exciting topical content and long-lasting evergreen content, do contact us at


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