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Today, social media has become the ‘brahmastra’ of media communication. Many agencies in Mumbai are using it for lead generation and maximise their sales. Brand and businesses often make the mistake of focusing only on self-promotion and getting followers. In fact, it’s much more than that. It’s about being social, getting engagement and forming a community. And that’s where the content, communication and messaging plays a key role.

Writing for social media is a completely different story when you’re a business v/s an individual. You can spend hours writing a copy or caption and hours more trying to find the perfect image, but there is no guarantee that your content will achieve the desired engagement you thought it would. Great social media writing takes effort to write, just like any piece of writing.

Let’s take a look at some content writing strategies that will draw online audiences towards your business.

Copy Matters

Good copy enhances your visual designs, provided it’s not a lot of verbose chitter chatter. While swiping rapidly on their phones, people still want to smile, laugh and feel. Your ad agency needs to write something that will make them stop swiping for a while. Also it’s vital for writers to be up to date with current affairs so that they can strike while the iron of trends is hot.

Remember why people use social media, to connect with friends, to express and define themselves, to make themselves feel valued.

Who is reading?

Identifying your target audience is the first step when you start writing. Understand their likes, values, interests and lifestyles and curate your content accordingly. Once you know your audience, establish a brand voice, a communication tone and messaging by different social media platforms, because what works on Facebook might flop on LinkedIn.

Always keep your content personal. ‘We’, ‘I’, ‘Me’ and ‘You’ are greater than the company, client or the team. Write as though you are directly talking to each fan, as that will garner more engagement.


Since childhood we are told to listen, there are so many quotes and proverbs about the virtue of listening, and it’s no different for brands on social media. People want to be heard, they want to express themselves and if you are giving them the opportunity online, they are sure to stick to your page. Create interactive posts like gamification, contests etc. where the audience can be engaged by asking questions and opinions to see how your engagement booms.

Another aspect of listening is research. You can be the best writer in the world, but without research about current topics or trends, your posts won’t resonate with the audience.

Create FOMO

Nothing sells like the fear of missing out. Generate exclusivity, urgency and a feeling of scarcity through your copy and your brand will grow more popular, faster. Ask yourself if you love pizza and there were only three pizzas left in the world, how fast would you run for your slice?

These are a 4 tips that about writing content that will enhance the image of your brand on online platforms. To access the complete quiver equipped with all the arrows of successful marketing, branding and media communication, log on to www.collateral.co.in


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