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Digital Marketing Tips for the Voice Search Revolution!

There is one ground rule to survive in today’s market - adapt to change or fall behind! All the top multinationals follow this gospel truth and have mastered the art of adapting. So much so that, when Google predicted that 50% of all searches in 2020 will be made using voice search, Amazon, the online behemoth seized the opportunity and came up with a roadmap to sell voice ad space to brands for Alexa.

With the increasing scope of voice search, brands are now planning to make their websites voice-search friendly for better SEO rankings. Here’s how one can prepare for a voice-based future in 2019!

Research Voice-Based Keywords

Thanks to the nature of human speech, the keywords used in voice search would be detailed and long-winded. For example, while ‘voice searching’, one is unlikely to say, “Ad agencies Mumbai,” and more likely to say, The best digital marketing agencies in Mumbai?” One easy hack to integrate these long-winded keywords is to open a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page for the website which will act as a great source of content.

Occupy ‘Position 0’ on Google SERP

Have you noticed how Google reads out certain answers when you voice search?

That’s called ‘Featured Snippet’ or ‘Position 0.’ While ranking no. 1 on the SEO is the Holy Grail for marketers, position 0 is better and guarantees more clicks! In order to secure this place, Google needs to believe that your website’s content best answers the query asked by the user.

How does one get on Featured Snippet?

It’s as easy as pie, here’s a how-to list!

1. Write short, easily digestible content

2. Pin down the queries your target audience has

3. Create content that best answers these queries

4. Optimise website with long-winded keywords

5. Use words like – How, Why, When, What, Cost, Becoming, Cooking, etc.

6. Include easy to read lists

Update your local SEO

About 58% voice search queries are about local business information. Updating local SEO doesn’t have to be a task, here’s what one can do.

  1. Update and develop ‘Google My Business’
  2. Ensure companies’ name, address, telephone number are consistent across various platforms
  3. Add the location of your company to the keywords, like Social media marketing agencies in Mumbai’

Voice search will surely open a window of opportunities for brands and companies. So jump on the bandwagon and get started on voice-based SEO, today! Let one of the best digital advertising agencies in Mumbai guide you from here, get in touch with us! – httpn://


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