The fleeting change of Facebook algorithm and how it can affect your business Banner

Facebook’s new update brings back focus to your friends. Say goodbye to the flood of articles and redundant posts from publishers that used to fill your wall and rejoice the posts and updates from the ones you care about; your friends.

 When Facebook was unaware of the moolahit could make by pushing sponsored content on our timeline, posts and updates from our friends were the most common sight in our news feed.  Which we think, made Facebook what it is today.

Facebook said, “We’ve heard from our community that people are still worried about missing important updates from the friends they care about.” Owing to this, Facebook has made some changes to its news feed algorithm.

The algorithm now allows all updates from your friends to bag the top spot, over the likes of promotional videos, articles and other sponsored content. The algorithm will also tune and adapt your news feed based on your behavior.

Facebook admits these changes will have an impact on some pages, but adds the impact “may vary depending on the composition of your audience.” Pages that see a lot of traffic from posts that go viral won’t take as much of a hit.

So now you can know what you friends are updating and what’s going on in your community because, Facebook is going back to square one, and we’re pretty stoked about it.


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