The mind wanders into nostalgia. A humble beginning with a paltry sum, a few borrowed rupees for the first PC and we were on our way. The commitment to do good work and niche ourselves in the below-the-line area of advertising was the focus. The teams’ motto was and has been BE PROACTIVE. Be ready for the client’s next need. The adage has stood us in good stead all through the years. Collateral today is known for its quick turnaround and the quality of work.

Along the way we have had some very good people and clients who have been instrumental in
our growth.

Back to nostalgia, the memory of the first presentation printout, the first loan for hiring PCs,  the struggle to pay the EMIs, the first team trip to Goa (we flew the motley group of 5 people), the say no to a large client, amicably parting ways with McDonalds because of other commitments, the challenge to do better than the larger agency-on-record (we have always been pitched against the top 5 in the country), clients recommendations to work with us rather than the ‘other’ agency, the brand managers swearing by us for deliveries, almost taking us for granted, brands relying on us, the positive impact of our work on the brands performance in the market, we going international, our vendors standing by us all through the years, we going from two rented offices to two our very own spaces…

Memories galore! Most of them very good, some of the good. Twelve years seem to have got over in a jiffy!

Today we look forward to a New Think. The change of guard has been smooth, the new generation is able and led by a dynamic personality. The positive air in the office is almost palpable. The client roaster has become healthy and they have come to rely on us completely for all their needs. The need to reinvent has led to the ‘Storytelling’ positioning and the need to stay in touch with the latest has sparked the birth of “e-Lateral” for all that is digital.

Every member of the team is handpicked and that has nothing to do with the number of years they have spent in the industry. The team is young with an average age between 22 -24!  Very much akin to India being the youngest nation in the world. The spirit is positive the willingness to push the envelope is fast becoming a way of life. Anyone who has a story to tell is welcome!


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