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The world today is going digital and there is no argument about it. Today online brand presence is not a preference anymore, but has become a necessity. But building a brand presence is more than just creating an account on various digital and social media platforms. It is essential to create a strong branding strategy for the digital space, before you begin marketing in the online world.  

Following are a few strategies that you should look into, while building an online marketing presence.  


Building a Website 

Regardless of your business size, product type and the location you serve, a website is a must. Your website is a way for your audience to contact you in this online cluster. 

According to Google, 97% of consumers search for products online. When they do that, they should be able to find you easily and land on a domain where they get all the information about your brand. Your website can even act as an online store for your customers to order your product or service, with just a click.  

To increase the visibility of your website, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a must. Simply put, SEO means to integrate target keywords into your website content. Think about the words your consumer may use to search for your business or product and include them in your website content, blogs or articles hosted on your site. This is how you can drive more traffic with SEO.  


Relevant & Relatable 

Although social media is a prerequisite in digital marketing, not every social media platform will be relevant for your business. Research thoroughly where your customers are present, choose your social media platforms appropriately, and create content based on the same.  

This will help your customers relate to your brand, make them engage with your content, and increase your visibility in their social feed. Most importantly, create content that your followers find interesting, something that plays an important part in their everyday life. 


The Power of Moving Images 

Connecting with your target audience is easier with video. Starting a YouTube channel can allow you to share additional information about your brand. Moreover, videos connect with consumers more easily at an emotional level.  

Most successful brands in the market use videos to tell their story. Studies show that over 90% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands that connect with their personal needs and values. Videos allow you to tell your brand story to your customers, so they can relate with them and also get entertained at the same time.  


Automate WhatsApp Marketing 

Utilising WhatsApp marketing to send messages, announcements and offers to their target audience is a present-day strategy that most brands use. Proven to garner higher responses, WhatsApp marketing can expand your business with ease. 

The main focus of WhatsApp marketing is to strike a connection when communicating with your audience. Moreover, don’t be afraid to make it personal. WhatsApp messages can be around new launches of products or services, the latest offers or feedback. Everyday messages generate brand awareness and help build a strong relationship with your customers.  


Uncover Paid Ad Strategy 

Advertising on the internet opens up many great possibilities in marketing, including paid advertising, which not only improves brand visibility, but also gets you leads for your business.   

Paid ads even bring fast results, when compared to organic content. Online or digital advertising is not as expensive as print, TV, or radio, which makes it affordable and worthwhile for your business. Social media ads improve brand reach and increase awareness. Additionally, using paid ads also enables you to easily market your brand across platforms with accurate targeting methods. 


A robust digital strategy can help you build a strong online presence, create brand awareness and develop a strong first-impression on the audience. To get started, partner with any advertising agency that can help you develop a digital marketing strategy for your business.  

If you need professional help, you can reach out to us and let the experts at Collateral create a brand marketing agency which will help you take over the digital space. 



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