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Consistency is at the core of advertising world. You constantly have to be on your toes and deliver outstanding creatives. At Collateral, we believe in this and always aim to better the best.

Audi India recently launched the 2015 Audi range of cars. The new cars from the house of Audi pack the stunning new features and outstanding visual upgrade. After the launch, Audi India decided to present the latest 2015 Audi Q7 to the customers. Collateral was called to work on the creatives and lead the way to present the Audi Q7. Brief came in and the team went on to work. The challenge was to meet the client’s expectation, maintain the quality of work and deliver in the short period of time. But herculean effort by team made it possible, and the creatives were shared with Audi India.

Audi Q7 symbolizes stardom and at the same time takes on the toughest terrain with ease. The task in hand was to blend these attributes into an ad. With the simple copy and the imposing visual of the car, the ad communicated the features of the latest Audi Q7. The creatives were well appreciated by Audi India team. After few rounds of alteration and discussion with Audi team, the creative was all set to roll out to the people. Collateral did pan-India media release of the ad. 34 artworks were released in just a day and ad was released successfully pan-India. The Q7 ad received a great response from 


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