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6 Ways to make your brand stand out

Have you ever wondered how brands like Zomato, Dunzo, and Mamaearth have become trendsetters? Was it the way they used their brand voice? Or was it the way they personalised their brand communication? What strategies and decisions did they take, to become the brands that customers seek out today?

There is no definite answer that makes a brand stand out but rather a cumulative implementation of research, experience, experimentation, and innovation that takes you beyond being a viral-one hit wonder.

Here are 5 ways to make your brand stand out:

             1. Pay attention to customer satisfaction

As a rule of thumb, always pay attention to customer satisfaction. It is imperative you remember who you built your brand for, i.e your customers. As a brand, you need to be approachable. From the quality of your products to ensuring quality packaging, make sure your brand ticks all your customer’s needs. This is the quickest way for your brand to establish a proactive relationship with your audience and stand out.

2. Become a dedicated trend watcher

Research is key when you need to stand out as a brand. You need to understand how trends work and which practises you can adopt. Always yearn to evolve as the market constantly grows. Carouse through the past trends and successful ad campaigns that led to moments that helped brands stand out. Stop searching for the hook to latch onto the viral phenomenon, but instead implement tools and practices that humanise your brand, keep you updated, and deliver your brand promise.

3. Be Creative

Have a creative mind. Think of ways to entice customers to choose your service or product. It could be the content you choose to communicate with your audience, the creative giveaways, or the way you promote social causes and company culture. Even the smallest insight could lead to the most engaging trend. Be creative, ideate, research, and then implement.

4. Effective and engaging communication on Social Media

For your brand to stand out, you need to be authentic and approachable. Digital savvy consumers dislike brands that don’t communicate. It is essential for a brand to use user-friendly language. You could use humour or fear of missing out to engage with your customers.

5. Implement strong visuals

A good way for your brand to stand out is to leverage strong visuals that connect with your customers or audience. Use high-quality videos and images that reflect your brand’s messaging. Explore creative ways to use visuals in unexpected ways.

6. Hire an agency

Hiring a creative agency to help your brand stand out is a sure means to boost your brand presence. From creating a compelling, consistent message to implementing right marketing strategies, creative agencies help transform your business into a brand.

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